Sunday, March 25, 2012

Citrus Spinach Smoothie

Spinach Citrus Smoothies, dark chocolate garnish

Today was a beautiful March day.  76 degrees and a bright blue sky.  After a nice bike ride we found ourselves looking to cool off so what could be better than smoothies?

For me there is no single ingredient more flexible than spinach. I use it in bread, lasagna, pizza and yes, smoothies.  In these smoothies the spinach provides a nice balance to the citrus.  


Smoothie Ingredients
* Two big handfuls of spinach
* A couple of oranges ( peeled of course )
* A cup or so of apple juice
* A cup and a half of frozen mango
* A cup of frozen pinapple


This is pretty straight forward.  Jamb it all in the blender and let it rip.  If the blender is getting plugged up add a bit more apple juice and stir in with a long flexible spoon.

Ready to blend

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Herbs after about a month

Purple Basil, Rosemary and Sweet Basil

On the left are a couple of purple basil that have reached about 2 inches.  In the center are two rosemary that finally peeked their heads out of the soil about two weeks ago and on the right are three sweet basil plants that are growing at a much happier rate than their two buddies.

Rosemary and Oregano
I broke down and purchased a rosemary plant from the grocery and am trying to rescue an oregano plant from a bare root transplant.

Next week I will put all of these wonderful plants into the ground.