Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Starting an Herb Garden

My lone germinated rosemary

The kitchen in our new home has a window box for growing plants.  As a cook / baker my thoughts immediately went to herbs.  I have a fairly limited understanding of herbs and so I have started fairly basic. Two weeks ago I planted 3 sweet basil, 3 purple basil, 3 rosemary and 3 chive plants.  All three of the sweet basil came up, two of the purple basil came up, 2 of the chives came up and only one of the rosemary germinated.

I have planted more seeds with the objective of having at least 3 of each of the plants. If I am successful I will share these wonderful plants with my friends.

I also hope to learn what other herbs I should consider planting.
Left to right; sweet basil, purple basil, and chives

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