Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Egg Calzone

One of the fun gifts I received his year was a variety pack of spanish cheeses. For me this is a fabulous gift as I love to try new flavors of things and experiment while cooking. The package contained:

Manchego, Mahon Reserva, Idiazabal and Murcia al Vino

Let me tell you what I did with the Mahon Reserva!

Ahh, so much cheese, so little time. The timing of the gift couldn't have been better as I was planning a post-christmas-gift-opening breakfast that could easily incorporate a new cheese flavor.

This cheese has a very nice smokey flavor. I incorporated it into a requested dish from my daughter. Basically I took a fresh pizza type dough (made from scratch and not cooked) as a base, layered shaved Prosciutto ham, Idazabal Cheese, fresh basil leaves, a little garlic, and brie cheese. I then layed hard boiled eggs (no shell) across the layers in a line. I then wrapped the dough around the contents in what appeared to be a long tube. I finished by brushing beaten egg wash across the topside and sprinkling with toasted sesame seeds and baked for long enough to bake the loaf.

The smokey flavor of the Idazabal combined beautifully with the Prosciutto ham creating an instant hit.

There you have it... First slice cut for the provider of the cheese... Thanks Oracle!

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  1. Ok, now I'm going to have to make up holidays so that I have a reason to get more cheese to you. I love what you do with it!